Hip Hugger Classic Holster

The Classic Hip Hugger Gun Holster is the most versatile option in our collection.
Can Can Concealment hip hugger gun holster
With shipment Postnet to Postnet for R 120,00
R 1400,00
Colors Available In Black

Sophisticated, timeless, and in a class of its own, it's the premier choice of concealed carry enthusiasts. The Classic style Hip Hugger accommodates up to 4 compact firearms (Under 6.5" in total length) and 3 magazines. Compression holstering conceals your weapon discreetly while keeping it within your reach. For all-day comfort wear, your Hip Hugger Holster will be the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night. Check out our Sizing Guide to determine what size is right for you!