Laundry, Storage & Travel Bag

Caring for your Can Can Concealment holster is easy with the Can Can laundry bag!
Can Can Concealment  Laundry, Storage & Travel BagO-Ring_Cuffs_1.jpg
With shipment Postnet to Postnet for R 120,00
R 250,00
Colors Available

Washing your gun holster with gentle (no lanolin) detergent to remove perspiration, gunpowder and oils will help to preserve the life of your holster and keep it looking fresh and new! Be sure to fasten your holster's hook and eye or velcro closure before placing it in the laundry bag to ensure a snag-free wash! Launder on a gentle (delicates and lingerie) cycle and dry flat. Avoiding the dryer will help to maintain the elastic's tenacity for the life of the garment.